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We believe in progress, ongoing opportunities and the creativity of humankind, while we oppose the tempering of nature and the degradation of the environment perpetrated by industry cartels and condoned by the politics of their powerful nations. We denounce the machinations of propaganda disseminating disinformation, distortions, half-truths and outright lies to mislead global citizens with an agenda of profits and market dominance by these industry cartels and their lobby groups.

We contribute to progress by publishing the TRUTH and exposing the machinations of propaganda that mislead global citizens. We address society's concerns about unhealthy food and environmental damage, because they represent opportunities for positive change. We hope to publish TRUTH that bridge the gap between thinking and doing, between despair and hope, and the painful gap between the rich and the poor. By doing so, we build peace and sustainability. This, we promise to deliver. We offer our readers a chance to link up with an international network of social consciousness and cooperation, strengthening the forces devoted to respect, justice and equality. In doing so, we hope to invite them to make their own contribution to a more just and sustainable world.

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