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Palm Oil? Is it Unhealthy?

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Written By Brittany Dickerson
Tuesday, 29 May 2012

When the words "Palm Oil" invoke doubt, suspicion or even fear in your mind, you must be on RED-ALERT!

You are definitely a victim assailed by the concerted disinformation and propaganda of information terrorists who are denying you of YOUR RIGHT TO TRUTHFUL information. Your sovereignty as a human being to TRUTHFUL information, has been subverted subtly and unconsciously.

Information terrorists are not clandestine Al-Qaeda-type guerrilla organisations but large multinational industry cartels with their political and commercial lobbies. Terrorists of all stripes thrive upon fear and deception to fight their wars.

These industry cartels are worried about losing market share to imports of far superior and cheaper palm oil from Malaysia. They set up organisations with grandiose-sounding names such as the Center for Science in the Public Interest. They purportedly promote good health to consumers but in reality these organisations are fronts for attacking "tropical" palm oil. The campaign culminated in full page newspaper advertisements carrying headlines such as "Stop the Poisoning of America." Cyber-propaganda rampantly launched on a war path against palm oil by distorting information and disseminating untruths and outright lies.

They intentionally ignore the TRUTH of established scientific evidence about the health and nutritional benefits of palm oil. They choose to deliberately and consistently mislead consumers using pseudo-scientific data, sentiments and emotions to confuse, exploit and manipulate the fears and ignorance of consumers.

These misinformation trickled across the Atlantic and has left residual doubts in the minds of European consumers and industry figures.

These cartels' agenda is to dominate global consumer psyche to perpetuate their interests and profits. To achieve their agenda of global dominance, they resort to tactics and trickery transcending the boundaries of ethics and responsibility to the detriment of the wellbeing of global consumers. They want you to continue consuming artery-clogging, cancer-causing, unnatural genetically modified edible oils and by-products as the preferred food choice.

With their multi-million dollar propaganda budgets, their strategy is to instil into consumers the psychology of fear and hysteria by influencing legislators, food industry producers and consumers against the super-healthy palm oil alternative.

Stand up for your RIGHTS to recover and restore your sovereignty so that you can make the RIGHT CHOICE to reject unhealthy foods from your diet, to live a healthy lifestyle, and to prevent diseases resulting from harmful food intake.

The Palm Oil Truth Foundation is devoted to defending your basic human rights to TRUTHFUL information by exposing the machinations of propaganda. Propoganda that adulterates and distorts information and disseminates outright lies to perpetuate their interests and profits for these multinational industry cartels. THE END.

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