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Green NGOs’ green extortionist palm oil campaigns exposed by Libertiamo

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Written By Frank Tate
Friday, 15 June 2012

Sybil, the wildly successful TV movie—starring Sally Field and Joanne Woodward—about a woman named Sybil with sixteen different personalities. Sybil became both a pop phenomenon and a revolutionary force in the psychotherapy industry.


However, in the news-breaking book Sybil Exposed, journalist Debbie Nathan gives proof that the allegedly true story was largely fabricated. The actual identity of Sybil (Shirley Mason) has been available for some years, as has the idea that the book might have been exaggerated. But in Sybil Exposed, Nathan reveals what really powered the legend: a trio of women—the willing patient, her ambitious shrink, and the imaginative journalist who spun their story into bestseller gold.


Shockingly, an Italian Think Tank called Libertiamo has published an alarming expose entitled “Taxpayer Funding, NGO Collusion and Manufactured Crises: A Case Study of Malaysia and Palm Oil”!


Libertiamo is a cultural political organization promoting classical liberal ideas in Italy and in Europe.


Libertiamo’s report finds that EU funded NGOs have worked together to portray Malaysia as a source of environmental destruction, distorting facts and statistics on deforestation and forest conservation while deliberately disregarding national efforts, penalties and laws that are in place to safeguard the environment.


According to Libertiamo, since 2005 the European Commission has provided nearly €5million (MYR 19,7 million) to the World Wildlife Fund and €4 million (MYR 15,8 million) to Friends of the Earth. Climate Action Network (CAN) also received nearly €1 million (MYR 3.9 million) in the past two years alone.


Says Libertiamo: “Despite evidence of a positive environmental record (by the palm oil industry), NGOs have continued to campaign against palm oil. 


“There is no dispute that the palm oil industry has grown. It is a major agricultural export for countries that produce it because of its strong performance as a crop. But the criticisms against the industry are regularly based on claims MANUFACTURED BY NGOs that are not backed up by hard evidence!”


These NGO’s, observes Libertiamo, “have policy priorities that are aligned with the policy drivers of their donors.” To put it bluntly they have sold out.


Noting the predilection of these NGOs to make “spectacular claims”, Libertiamo observed that “one of the most commonly used is a statistic that in SE Asia alone, the equivalent of 300 football fields are deforested every hour for palm oil plantations,” a claim that has been exposed as a “significant distortion of facts” by the FAO’s recent “State of the Forests – 2011 report which observes that whilst rates of deforestation between 1990-2000 were high at a time of significant development in SE Asia, the trend had reversed dramatically between 2000-2010. Deforestation rates during this latter period “more than halved, making the NGO claims of rampant expansion entirely false.”


In our view, this illustrates the dystopian environmentalism that has run completely amok where green-extortion works and the simplistic, black-and-white distillations of complex problems are advanced by these green NGOs, using manufactured facts and crises to drive their agenda against palm oil.


Unless we require the green movement’s dysfunctional leadership to submit to the standards of sound scientific facts and the applications of the rules of fair-play for palm oil producers, the green movement to their dishonor, will continue to try to ride roughshod, at the behest of their donors, over honest producers trying to play by the rules!


It is a shame to earn black money based on lies, which are targeted to scuttle the development of small farmers who depend on these legitimate crops such as oil palm. For these farmers they want development and increased income from agriculture. The forest only gives them 1/30th of the income from agricultural land. Green NGOs have some soul searching to do! THE END

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