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Palm oil and the Lizard Brains in the EU Commission

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Written By Brittany Dickerson
Friday, 17 August 2012

What simmers in the lizard brains of the latent imperialists ensconced in the halls of the EU Commission (EC) is certainly a mystery. Military conquest is no longer an option. The “them vs us” antagonism that screams forth from the policies of the Environmental Directorate of the EC suggests that the inexorable march of the third world commodity palm oil towards global market leadership is something that the frustrated imperialists in the EC find difficult to stomach!

Italian think tank, Libertiamo in a study of the actions of the EC and their secret role in the palm oil wars suggests as much. In a report called “Taxpayer Funding, NGO Collusion and Manufactured Crises: A Case Study of Malaysia and Palm Oil.”, points out that the real reason behind the EU Commission’s bizarre funding of environmental NGOs to carry out vicious anti-palm oil campaigns that they are aware are based on false and manufactured evidence is to erect artificial trade barriers against palm oil to prevent competition against the EU’s own edible oil industries such as rapeseed and sunflower oil!

Says Libertiamo: “These green NGOs have become peddlers of half truths to drive donations and attract government largesse. And donor governments support them, in the interest of uncompetitive domestic industries and neo colonial ambitions!”

This is corroborated by the passing of draconian measures such as the EU RED with its clear manipulation of emission savings math to stop palm oil from being used as a biofuel!

That by itself is already a blot on the good name of some of the prominent European countries which are signatories of the WTO treaty, but what really disappoints is that Libertiamo points out that most of the anti-palm oil campaigns are based, at best, on “manufactured evidence”!

Noting the predilection of these NGOs to make “spectacular claims”, Libertiamo observed that “one of the most commonly used is a statistic that in SE Asia alone, the equivalent of 300 football fields are deforested every hour for palm oil plantations,” a claim that has been exposed as a “significant distortion of facts” by the FAO’s recent “State of the Forests – 2011 report which observes that whilst rates of deforestation between 1990-2000 were high at a time of significant development in SE Asia, the trend had reversed dramatically between 2000-2010. Deforestation rates during this latter period “more than halved, making the NGO claims of rampant expansion entirely false.”

Perhaps the most serious charge that Libertiamo makes is the charge that European governments are spending significant sums ostensibly to engage in environmental advocacy in the developing world. It also noted that while the degree of conservation in many of these countries regularly exceeds those efforts in Europe, as well as other developed countries, this advocacy is intended and designed to hinder economic development of the targeted countries, Indonesia and Malaysia, to the detriment of the local population.

Evidence of an organized and well funded and coordinated global campaign against palm oil has reared its ugly head in France, Australia and Malaysia.  For instance, Nature Alert CEO, Sean Whyte and his activist cohorts write countless emails and began signature campaigns against an MPOB planned seminar in Australia seeding their emails, press releases and signature campaigns with falsehoods and withholding key facts, all calculated to create the illusion that the protests were widespread and well distributed geographically.

Ironically, rather than slow down the runaway freight train that is palm oil in the global edible oils market, we suspect that this sudden spasm of kerfuffles in fact signals the last gasps of a European Union taking its last breaths as it contorts itself and compromises its principles in the throes of breaking up! THE END


LieBuster  20. August 2012 at 07:36 pm

What wonderful imagery! Yeah, the fellas in the EU Commission make decisions using their lizard brains!

Carl  31. October 2012 at 05:04 pm

Yes, lizard brains with delusions of grandeur! Basically cowards!

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