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Palm oil: A helping hand from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo? Nah!

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Written By Olivia Williamson
Friday, 26 October 2012



I was in ballet class one weekend watching my daughter Caroline go through her paces. Whilst waiting for her to finish her practice, I alternated from flipping through a magazine and observing a little boy whose valiant efforts in attempting a dance exercise caught my eye. This involved jumping over a rolled-up gym mat. His first attempt resulted in him bouncing off this hurdle. For a moment he sat on the floor stunned, and then he began to cry. Immediately, his father darted out to help him up and begin soothing him with words of encouragement. Then, holding his hand, the young father then ran with him until he successfully jumped over the rolled-up mat. The encouragement was all it took for the kid to clear that hurdle.
When I think of the actions of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, I can’t help but think how utterly dispassionate and cruel the zoo administrators are in running their anti-palm oil campaigns. For an organization to feign love for the orangutan to subject these lovable tropical animals to the harsh winters of Colorado Springs, something must be residing in the subterranean core of their being that is inherently fraudulent and cruel! For, if they truly love these animals, they would be releasing them in the tropical jungles of Indonesia instead of putting these incredibly warm animals on obscene display in their orangutan pens. 
Apart from moral insensitivity, it looks like we can add ethical weakness to the charge sheet for a quick study of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo 2011/2012 Annual Audit reveals some interesting facts!
What jumps out of the audit is the fact that Cash contributions restricted for long-term purposes for 2012 had skyrocketed to US$5.5 million from US$2.9 million from 2011! Innocent enough until you read this in conjunction with Italian civil libertarian group, Libertiamo’s shocking revelations in a study entitled Taxpayer Funding, NGO Collusion and Manufactured Crises,  that shows that since 2005, the European Commission (EC) has provided millions of Euros in funding to green NGO surrogates to carry out anti-palm oil campaigns designed to protect the EU’s own edible oil industries such as sunflower and rapeseed oils which are hapless in the face of the hyper yielding palm oil!  What makes this action by the EC particularly galling is that Libertiamo points out that the EC is fully aware that these anti-  palm oil campaigns are based on manufactured evidence and “the degree of conservation in many of these countries regularly exceeds those efforts in Europe, as well as other developed countries!”
Palm oil is grown on only 0.23% of the world's agricultural land and yet produces a staggering 30% of global edible oil output! This is due largely to the crop’s incredible inherent hyper yield characteristics.
A single hectare planted with oil palm has an average yield of 4-5 metric tons per hectare. Best in class plantations are already yielding 8 metric tons per hectare. However what has already sent shudders down the spine of the halls of power in the EC are two facts! First, the EU’s own indigenous edible oils’ yields are so minuscule as to make their competitiveness against palm oil almost non-existent, for rapeseed crops only yield an insignificant 0.67 metric tons and sunflower a paltry 0.53 metric tons per hectare! Secondly, both rapeseed and sunflower have just about reached their maximum genetic potential; in yield whilst palm oil’s has just begun. For instance, current R&D points to a maximum potential yield of 20 metric tons per hectare! That has certainly set the alarm bells ringing in the halls of power of the EC.
Curiously and coincidentally, the anti-palm oil attacks by the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo began with the pledge of those fund increases. The Zoo is not alone in this. Curiously, the Association of European Zoos, Melbourne Zoo and Auckland Zoo have been carefully coordinating their anti-palm oil campaigns so that each campaign took off as the other reached its nadir! Hypocrites! THE END
Raymond  31. October 2012 at 04:57 pm

It gives me the creeps thinking why zoos such as the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo could stoop so low such as receiving lobby money from EC! Boo CMZoo!

Carl  31. October 2012 at 05:00 pm

Is Cheyenne Mountain Zoo selling their services to the highest bidder? It looks like they do! They're made in the same mould as the robber barons of old!

Jan Paul  31. October 2012 at 05:06 pm

I don't know what the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is up to, but I smell something 'fishy'! LoL!!!

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