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Palm Oil: The breathtaking hypocrisy of the European Commission!

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Written By Dan Scott
Friday, 11 January 2013


Defined as “a pretending to be what one is not, or to feel what one does not feel; esp., a pretense of virtue, piety, etc.” by Webster’s Dictionary, we are all well acquainted with the meaning of the word and all that is personified in the hypocrite.
Taking this premise, there can be no dispute that the actions of the European Commission towards palm oil qualify the EC as “hypocrite extraordinaire!”
For the Directorate Environment of the EC to throw massive funds in the path of green group surrogates to launch anti-palm oil campaigns ostensibly to promote good environmental practices in the developing world does raise some eyebrows.
It was Italian civil libertarian group, Libertiamo that blew the lid off the entire elaborate, cynical and vicious scheme masterminded by the Environmental Directorate of the European Commission (EC) to protect the EU’s own indigenous edible oilseed industries such as rape and sunflower oils which are unable to compete against the hyper yielding palm oil in the open market! (Vide:
How hyper yielding? It is clear that one hectare planted with palm oil yields 4-5 metric tons of edible oil. That's just an average. Best in class plantations are producing 8 metric tons per hectare and current R&D points to a staggering genetic potential of 20 metric tons per hectare! (see:
By comparison, soy, sunflower and rapeseed have reached their genetic limit and soy only produce a mere 0.37, sunflower a meagre 0.57 and rapeseed a laughable 0.69 metric tons per hectare!
Just consider what would happen if palm oil plantations were to be converted to soy or sunflower (they could and quite easily too!). It would then be truly disastrous and an Armageddon of forest destruction!
What really disappoints is that Libertiamo points out that the EC is fully aware that most of the anti-palm oil campaigns are based on false “and manufactured evidence”! 
The entire vile scheme is planned and executed by the EC’s green surrogates across regions to create the impression that the palm oil campaigns are unplanned, popular and spontaneous! A broad range of green NGO’s plus even zoos, girl scouts (or rather the adults behind the girl scouts) and politicians from across the globe are recruited to the cause.
The truly sad part is that the premises used for these campaigns, the saturated fat component of palm oil and its health implications had been debunked and disproved by tons of scientific studies which proved that palm oil is in fact heart friendly (Vide: Donald J. McNamara, PhD: “Palm Oil and Heart Health: A case of Manipulated Perception and Misuse of Science” 240S Vol 29 No. 3(s) Journal of the American College of Nutrition). 
The issue of deforestation too flies in the face of facts for Malaysia, despite planting palm oil for more than a hundred years has still managed to retain 59.5 percent forest cover, certainly far better than the UK’s 11.7%! (CIA World FactBook 2011) Further, the FAO has found that the rate of forest change in Malaysia declined from 0.66% in the years 2000-2005 to 0.42% in the years 2005-2010 (FAO Global Forest Resource Assessment 2010), certainly not the apocalyptic picture of massive deforestation that these EC surrogates and apologists attempt to paint.
The fact that these surreptitious actions of the EC comes on the heels of its taking the sledgehammer out and fining the likes of Microsoft Corp for what it calls anti-competition behavior, only to engage in exactly the same sort of behavior that it faulted Microsoft with is breathtaking hypocrisy that defies belief! THE END 
Sella2  11. January 2013 at 08:40 pm

Oooh...what a hoot! The European Commission and its BS!

JJTon  11. January 2013 at 09:15 pm

The European Commission - what a hypocrite!

Betty Siegfeld  11. January 2013 at 10:16 pm

What hypocrite?

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