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Palm oil, the European Commission and the Trail of Tears!

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Written By Jon Tomczyk
Friday, 18 January 2013


The forced relocation of thousands of Native Americans in the early 19th century was a very severe and tragic event in US history! Native American tribes, who had struck treaties with and fought alongside the burgeoning white population, were driven out of their ancestral lands. In the winter of 1838, thousands of Cherokee were forced to embark on a brutal 1,000-mile march westward known as “The Trail of Tears.” This injustice resulted in the deaths of thousands of people, many of whom had little or no clothing, shoes, or supplies for such a journey.
The world continues to be filled with injustice, pain, and heartache and the European Commission appears to be one of the major perpetuators in attempting to create a modern trail of tears for palm oil!
Crassly concerned only with protecting the EU’s own indigenous edible oils such as rape and sunflower which are unable to compete in the open market against the hyper yielding palm oil, the officials who walk the halls of power in the Directorate Environment of the European Commission thought nothing of taking the low road and funding trumped-upped anti-palm oil campaigns using surrogate green groups.
Evidence that these palm oil campaigns are undertaken in absolute bad faith with the connivance of EU governments had begun emerging some 7 years ago. 
The palm oil industry let out a collective yowl when in 2005, the oddly named Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) published a “report” called “Cruel Oil: How palm oil harms health, rainforest and wildlife” in which they made wild and unsubstantiated claims that palm oil cultivation was causing massive deforestation and threatening the extinction of biodiversity such as the orang utan.
The report was prepared with the assistance of Aid Environment listed as partners with Hivos — a Netherlands based civil society group with direct links to campaigns in Indonesia. Hivos, in turn, is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for close to 70%  of its annual 100m Euro budget.
A 2010 report by researchers Caroline Boin and Andrea Marchesetti entitled “Friends of the EU.” (Vide: that the EU, through its environmental ministries and commissions is involved in funding up to 70% of the operating budgets of FOE EU.
Now Libertiamo has blown the lid off the entire elaborate, cynical and vicious schemes masterminded by environmental groups and eagerly funded by the Environmental Directorates of the European Commission! 
In a study entitled “Taxpayer Funding, NGO Collusion and Manufactured Crises,” Italian Think Tank, Libertiamo points out that since 2005, the European Commission has been funding surrogate green groups to carry out anti-palm oil campaigns designed to erect artificial trade barriers against palm oil.
Libertiamo points out that most of the anti-palm oil campaigns are based, at best, on “manufactured” and false evidence! 
The latest manifestation of the EC’s long, slow spiral down the path of dishonor is the petition on the same issue, sponsored by Chris Wolverton and calculated to give the impression that the incidents had occurred in Malaysian Borneo by scrupulously avoiding any mention of the place of the incidents or the Indonesian prosecutions. ( It was simply a rehash of an old November 2011 report in the Daily Mail relating to the arrest and subsequent prosecution of 2 Indonesian men by the Indonesian Courts for killing orangutans which had strayed into their plantation.
This petition carries the trademarked dirty fingerprints of the EC though-out its imprimatur. The EC may think such smear campaigns to be diabolically clever, but it dishonors and sullies the good name of the EU by its endorsement and funding of deception, subterfuge and hoax! THE END
Sueallen123  18. January 2013 at 09:57 pm

Cruel European Commission!

Terrence Anthony Ramos  19. January 2013 at 08:53 pm

The European Commission is the one who will end in tears as crooks and cheats often are wont to do eventually!

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