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Palm Oil: RAN and the Florida internet parlor scams!

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Written By Olivia Williamson
Friday, 15 March 2013


Jennifer Carroll, Florida's lieutenant governor resigned and nearly 60 other people were charged in a scandal involving a purported veterans’ charity that authorities said Wednesday was a front for a $300 million gambling operation.
The organization, Allied Veterans of the World, runs nearly 50 Internet parlors with computerized slot machine-style games, which are normally legal in Florida if most of the proceeds go to charity. But investigators said the organization's executives gave precious little to veterans and lavished millions on themselves, spending it on boats, beachfront condos and Maseratis, Ferraris and Porsches. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi called the alleged scam "callous" and "despicable" and said it "insults every American who ever wore a military uniform."
Authorities said they seized about 300 bank accounts containing $64.7 million, as well as sports cars and other property.
When I relate this to the modus operandi of the anti-palm oil campaigns run by green groups the similarity with these scams are chilling! More shocking though is the source of funding for these campaigns!
Evidence of this shocking act of bad faith by EU governments in using green NGOs as proxies to carry out anti palm oil campaigns by these green groups has been unravelling for some time, to the utter embarrassment of the citizens of this self-declared bastion of fair-play and democracy.
In 2005, the oddly named Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) published a “report” called “Cruel Oil: How palm oil harms health, rainforest and wildlife” in which they made wild and unsubstantiated claims that palm oil cultivation was causing massive deforestation and threatening the extinction of biodiversity such as the orang utan.
The report was prepared with the assistance of Aid Environment listed as partners with Hivos — a Netherlands based civil society group with direct links to campaigns in Indonesia. Hivos, in turn, is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for clolse to 67% of its annual 100m Euro budget.
Of more recent vintage, a 2010 report by researchers Caroline Boin and Andrea Marchesetti entitled “Friends of the EU.” ( showed that the EU, through its environmental ministries and commissions is involved in funding up to 70% of the operating budgets of FOE EU.
Recently, Libertiamo, an Italian think tank, in a paper entitled “Taxpayer funding, NGO Collusion and Manufactured Crisis” has blown the cover of the EC who are openly funding green NGOs, ostensibly to improve environmental practices in developing countries, but in reality to prop up their indigenous edible oilseed crops like rapeseed and sunflower, who are otherwise unable to compete on an equal footing with the rampantly higher yielding palm oil! Groups like the Rainforest Action Network routinely receive millions of Euros from the EC just for this purpose. It is clear that there is only one objective for these groups and that is to man the barriers for their donor government in return for more funding. Greed and the sweet sound of “kaching” as the payola rolls in is the order of the day for them, rather than morality. 
That is just the tip of the iceberg. What is not disclosed is the amount of slush funds thrown in the path of “off the radar” outfits and cleverly disguised by the Environmental Directorate of the European Commission as funding for other myriad and disparate “environmental” programs!
These kinds of scams are nothing new and when you dig deeper, the tentacles of greed and avarice, in our view, extends to green groups with their “campaigns-for-hire” sell out to the highest bidders. Sadly, governments, corporations, the general public and even the mainstream media are easily hoodwinked, perhaps by the noble sounding names fronting these campaigns. THE END
BettyP  17. March 2013 at 08:52 pm

I'm stopping ALL donations to RAN forthwith!

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