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Palm oil: Would environmental groups like RAN take money from terrorists?

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Written By Frank Tate
Friday, 05 April 2013


Just one year ago, there was pandemonium in the Red Chamber in the Canadian Senate! Senators were up in arms, calling for Canada to stand up to the bully tactics of “Green Lobby Groups” who have literally hijacked the Pipeline and Oil Sands conversations for so long within Canada and outside its borders in the U.S.
Two Senators, Sen. Donald Neil Plett  and Sen. Percy Mockler called out a number of foundations on the Senate floor. It was Mockler, though, that identified the “bad” and “ugly” foundations want to ultimately influence Canadian policy in regards to the oil sands and the Northern Gateway pipeline. 
 Sen. Mike Duffy piped up and called each one “anti-Canadian.” The shouts from senators continued with one hollering, “They want our people unemployed,” and another saying, “They want to keep us poor.” 
Earlier, Plett questioned where the money was coming from, wondering aloud if these foundations would take money from terrorist organizations.
Later, Hon. Nicole Eaton announced that the Senate of Canada has started an investigation into the funding of green groups who go so far as to destabilize Canada’s economy by interfering within policy making by Government officials. Her investigation is titled:  Involvement of Foreign Foundations in Canada’s Domestic Affairs.
During the debate, she said: “Honourable senators, I rise today to open an inquiry that will reveal astounding information. It surprised me and I hope it will surprise you. It will make your blood boil and, hopefully, it will prompt us all to action.”
There is political manipulation. There is influence peddling. There are millions of dollars crossing borders masquerading as charitable foundations into bank accounts of sometimes phantom charities that do nothing more than act as a fiscal clearing house. They dole out money to other charities without disclosing what the money is for. This inquiry is about how billionaire foreign foundations have quietly moved into Canada and, under the guise of charitable deeds, are trying to define our domestic policies.
It is about organizations that are lining their own pockets by getting involved in whatever causes are the latest trend.
Asks Eaton: “… do the charitable and non-governmental organizations that accept enormous amounts of money really represent the interests of Canada, or do they pander to the interests of their foreign masters? Is it really about the environment, or is it about something much bigger and much more profitable? It is about how they use the majority of their resources for political activities and lobbying and about entities that are set up as charitable organizations but, in fact, do not even have an office in Canada, just a post office box. Cleverly masked as grassroots movements, these interests are audaciously treading on our domestic affairs and on Canadian sovereignty, all under the radar.”
The above just about sums up what palm oil has been subjected to for the past 3 decades. If not for Italian civil libertarian group, Libertiamo which published an expose calling out the EU Commission (EC) for funding surrogate green groups like the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) to conduct smear campaigns against palm oil on the pretext of conservation promotion. All this subterfuge was necessary, says Libertiamo as the EC is unable to openly discriminate against palm oil due to WTO Rules.
However, in reality these campaigns were designed to erect artificial trade barriers against palm oil to protect the EU’s indigenous edible oilseed industries like sunflower and rapeseed, which despite heavy EU subsidies are hapless in competing against the rampantly hyper yielding palm oil! The most shocking part of the expose was Libertiamo’s observation that the EC was fully aware that the campaigns against palm oil alleging deforestation and orang-utan extinction were premised on “manufactured” and false evidence! THE END
NeilTT  06. April 2013 at 10:38 pm

RAN take money from terrorists? Without a doubt. These crooks will take money from anyone so long as they're able to line their pockets...

Environmentaalism as we knew it is DEAD!

GeneralG  09. April 2013 at 05:07 pm

It's truly sad that environmentalism has sunk to these levels! I believe what the author is obliquely asserting - that environmental groups like the Rainforest Action Network will not hesitate to take money from even terrorists so long as it enhances the greenery of their own pockets!

Zanzibar  09. April 2013 at 07:48 pm

Sock it to them! It's about time that RAN gets exposed for the obvious criminals that they are!

Trumps2  10. April 2013 at 07:54 pm

Take money from terrorists? I believe groups like RAN would. They're in it for the money!

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