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Hall of Infamy

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Micheal Jacobson:- Microbiologist, Ph.D., Current Executive Director of Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).

He founded CSPI, curiously, with two lawyer friends in 1971. It does raise the question just what their agenda is.

Since then, he has earned the rare distinction of being called various things - ranging from the benign "Consumer Advocate" to the less flattering "Nutrition Terrorist", "Terrorist", "Food Cop", "Killjoy", "Food Fascist". In fact, the latter labels appear with such stunning regularity in the media that few men could have been so definitively defined.

Jacobson, to put it mildly, is guilty of utter disregard of the truth and scientific facts, frequently exaggerating figures and claims to advance CSPI's own agenda (with the help of an annual revenue of USD 16,000,000).

Famed for distributing unsound reports without peer review, which is the way real science operates, and launching unsubstantiated attacks against palm oil, Jacobson now has the singular honor of being the first to be inducted to our Hall of Infamy.

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